Crocheting and Life

I love to crochet.    It helps me relax and keep my sanity.  Last night as I was working on a ring pillow for my friend’s wedding I made a mistake.  Now with crocheting it’s so easy to fix a mistake.  Just rip it out.  No scirrors needed, you just pull your yarn or thread as the case may be it will neatly come undone.   Was I happy about it?  No of course not but it was my own fault and so I ripped it out and started from where I messed up once more.  And low and behold, what do you know before long I have made another mistake.  So once again I ripped out and now more determined than ever I finished that row, no mistakes and called it a night.

This morning I got to thinking about the events of last night and realized how much life is not like crocheting.  When we make a mistake, we can’t go back and undo it.  We have two options.  The first is to realize we made the mistake, correct any harm we have done to others, and move on.  The second is to try very hard to undo it and in the process, as we pick at ourselves, leave ourselves and possibly others more damaged then the mistake had done.  We need to remember that it’s our mistakes that make us who we are.  We can’t undo them, just make amends, and move forward.


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