More ring pillow frustrations

So after the other’s night fun of ripping out a few rows on this ring pillow I made sure to stay focus and it served me well.  That is, until today when I went to join the to pieces together and insert the pillow form.  The pillow form is too small!!!  This has caused me great frustration as I really want to get this done and give it to my friend.  So now, it must wait until I can get to the store to get more fabric and stuffing and get a new pillow sewn.  What’s a crocheter to do?  The answer is very simple.  Start another project in order to keep my fingers busy.  My son has been wanting a messenger bag like his sister (only in a different color) for quite some time so I will be starting that until I can continue on the ring pillow.


One thought on “More ring pillow frustrations

  1. hey, i’d be interested in seeing a crocheted messenger bag. that sounds really neat and like something I’d like to have. I’m a bag NUT, you know. =)

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