Life lessons

I have to share this because is was so interesting to hear and be a part of. Yesterday morning at some point Pebbles asked Bam-Bam if she could have his stuff gorilla. Bam-Bam takes advantage of the opportunity and says yes, for a $1. Pebbles says to much and so he lowers it to 5 cents (big decrease but it was his call). Pebbles bits and says okay. He hands over the gorilla without getting payment and Pebbles is thrilled and plays with it. Well yesterday afternoon then Pebbles starts telling me about how she’s not going to pay Bam-Bam his 5 cents. Now at this point I’m clueless to the transaction that has happened and question her as to what she has to pay him 5 cents for. She tells me that Bam-Bam says she has to pay him 5 cents but she’s not going to. At this point Bam-Bam walks into the kitchen so I ask him to explain a little more. After the explanation Pebbles tells him (while holding the gorilla) that she isn’t going to pay. Bam-Bam informs her that she has to pay because when a sale happens payment has to happen in one way or another. Again Pebbles says she’s not paying. So Bam-Bam being determine to get paid informs her that he’s going to take it from her piggy bank. Now I’m trying hard to keep it together at this point. Just the mere fact that he charged her for a stuffed animal and she accept has thrown me off guard. So Pebbles ask if I heard what Bam-Bam said and reply that I did. Not wanting any tears or fights I make a deal with Bam-Bam, if he can tell me what the 5 cent piece is called, I’ll pay it for Pebbles. I figured this way my little enterpuner can be learning and Natalie gets to keep the gorilla. Bam-Bam answered a dime and I tell him he’s out 5 cents. He asks for a second try. I up the ante. He has to tell me how much the dime is worth and what the 5 cent piece is. This time he comes back with the right answer for both and earned himself 15 cents. There are so many hidden lessons in all this I was just amazed by it all.

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