Saving Energy

With prices of everthing rising many of us are looking for ways to save energy.  After looking around at some sites last night my husband discoveried that leaving things like the computer and printer on all day can really impact your energy use.  I know that with have an older washer and dryer that isn’t helping so I try to hang our laundry out when I can.  So what are others doing to save energy and cut the electric bill.  I must say it’s not an easy task to cut back but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.


One thought on “Saving Energy

  1. We turn the computer all the way off at night, though i should do the printer as well, all lights turned off at night….no hanging laundry though, our backyard really isn’t set up well for it with having to drive through it in order to turn around…we only turn the two a/c window units on when it is SUPER hot (above 85 at least) AND it will stay that way over night…don’t use any lights during the day…jason takes the bus to work to save money on gas, we get him a bus pass that he uses for the entire month…we recycle as much as we can…

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