Making a plan of attack

You know those days.  The ones where you have a list as long as your arm and you don’t know where to start.  Or maybe you’re mind keeps wondering over and over various things and it causes you to lose focus on what really needs to be done.  That’s me today.  I have so many things I’m thinking about, a long list of things to be done and I just can clean my mind enough to focus on the list.  So what’s a woman to do.  Make an attack plan.  I need to tell my self that I’m going to go do a, b, c and then can see where things stand.  I need to write down all the stuff swirling around in my mind so that I don’t forget it but don’t keep getting distracted by it either.  This allows me to get things done and not have to worry about what I might forget.  So now I’m off to write some things down and figure out what a, b, and c are going to be.


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