Fruit of your Labor

It’s funny how one thing can lead to another.  Yesterday I read an article about a woman and how she valued her garden.  It had taken a few years to get it to where it currently is but now she benefits from the fruit of her labor and the harvest that it yields.  Later in the day I was husking corn and I was looking at our small garden and I started to remember many summers ago when I would sit by my grandparents garden on a summer evening shelling peas or working in some way.  I remembered the fruits my grandmother would jar and how we benefitted from them all through the winter, spring, and early summer.  It was with all this going through my mind that I made some decisions.  One, for Christmas I want canning supplies so that I too can can things to have for the winter.  Yes, that will have to wait until next year’s harvest but better to start sooner than later.  Also I determined that if we remain at our current location I want to expand the garden and include more veggies so that I can put more away for the winter and spring and not have to keep buying them at the store.  All of this reminds me that we are made to work, as much as we may not like our job, there is something about working the yard, with the soil, that connects us in an unspoken way.


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