Last Day of July

Well here we are at the last day of July.  How was your month?  Did you accomplish what you wanted to or did you just drift through the day to day stuff.  Do you have goals that you want to accomplish next month?  Do you think that goals or “resolutions” are just for the start of the year.  Well I beg to differ.  You should always be setting goals or reevaluating goals as things change.  I think making a year long goal is good but sometimes things happen and then that goal needs to be reevaluated.  There’s nothing wrong with setting monthly, weekly, or even daily goals.  Maybe starting with daily and working up to long term goals will give you the motivation to follow through.  For example, I have a daily to do list.  Now you may not think of those “to-do’s” as goals but they are because they are things I want to accomplish.  I also have weekly goals.  Things that I want to get done in a certain week that I wouldn’t normally be doing.  And of course I have the monthly goals, things to accomplish in the course of the month.  So my question to you is:  Are you going to drift through August with no direction or Are you going to set some goals and work towards something?


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