Reclaiming my home

Confession time.  I’ve been a bit lazy in my housekeeping lately.  And let me tell you I have noticed.  It’s not that I don’t want a clean home, I do.  However, there is always something else I’d rather being doing.  Crocheting, surfing the net, figuring my homeschooling stuff, it’s all more fun than cleaning.  The kids help and actually don’t mind (I’m sure that will be changing) but there’s nothing like doing it yourself and not having to keep reminding the kids that they missed this or didn’t do that.   Sometimes I’d just like someone to take them away so I could just clean up everything without interruption but what would they learn from that-Nothing.  So today, I’m reclaiming the house.  Putting the kids to work and putting things back in their place.  Wish me luck.


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