Homeschooling choices

So here we go.  I will be using:  Heart of Dakota’s Bigger hearts for His Glory, Singapore Math, Rod and Staff English, Reading Strands, Horizon’s Health, Drawing Textbook, and various living books for science (as used by Bigger hearts for His Glory). 

I choose Bigger Hearts for His Glory because I love how it’s Bible based, all laid out, and the great activities.  Carrie Austin has done a wonderful job with her “series” and I’m looking forward to starting this book.

Singapore Math, Rod and Staff English, and the various science books are all recommendations for Carrie Austin to be used with Bigger Hearts.  We used Singapore Math last year and I was quite happy with it so I have hestitation using it again this year.  I have briefly looked through the Rod and Staff English and I think it will be a good fit.  The science books which include, One Small square books, Science in Colonial America I will be honest that I haven’t even really looked at them so I’m hoping they’re good.

I had a hard time picking out a reading program.  I really liked the way Heart of Dakota’s Drawn into the Heart of Reading looked.  Again Carrie does an awesome job with all of her books and I will admittedly confess that when it comes down to things price was a big factor here.  I choose Reading Strands because I feel it’s similar to Drawn into the Heart of Reading but lacks the workbook and study on Godly character traits.  I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed with it. 

Horizon’s Health Program I found on Rainbow Resource and it offers everything I was looking.  Only needing to be done 2-3 times week it looks like it will help me cover my health requirement easily.

I choose Drawing Textbook based on a review on The Homeschool Library.  I’m looking forward to going through this myself.

So these are my choices.  I will update you on how things are going through out the year.


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