First Review-The Old Schoolhouse Planner

I have been given the opportunity to review to products for The Old Schoolhouse in order to show my skills in hopes of becoming part of a focus group they are assembling.  This morning’s review of will of their planner and later this week I will have on of their magazine.

Now we all know that there are sites out there where you can get free homeschooling forms so why would you want to spend money on this planner.  I will say this is a convenience item.  With time I’m sure you could collect for yourself everything that is in this planner but it would take a lot of time, time that many of us homeschooling parents would rather be spending with our children.  Let me tell you what it has to offer.

Let’s start with the standard stuff.  As I said before I have seen similar forms on websites for free.  However, I have not seen all of the ones offered with this planner on one given site nor have I seen some of them on any site. For me this planner is better than a website because I can go to the table of contents click on the page I want and bam, it’s in front of me and I can take care of business.  To often I’m wasting time on a website looking for what I want and I’m not even sure if they have it.  Not only that but I can also type right on the forms which I know you can’t do with all the free forms.

Another feature they offer in this planner is monthly resource lists.  These are links to items they sell in their store that deal with the topic they talk about with that month in the planner.  So their topic for November is about cooking.  So their resource list gives you links to things that deal with meals.  They have these links for every month.  So why do I find this so great, because now I have a place to start my search for those items if I want to.  Yes, it’s not hard to search for that stuff however, how often do you start to search for something only to get distracted by events in your household and then forget what you were doing.  It happens enough to me that this is perk.

The forms and the resource lists are just the tip of iceberg when it comes to this planner.  Recipes, articles on different homeschooling topics, helpful lists (like famous artists, composers, presidents just to name some), and even copies of America’s founding and important documents are included to give you things right at your fingertips.   So if you want your child to pick a famous composer to do some studying on you don’t need to search the Internet for a list of names because it’s already in your planner and you can pull it up, print it out, and let them look it over and pick a name.

And have I mentioned the home forms.  Forms to help you with chores, menu planning, gift lists, prayer requests and more.  Now maybe you aren’t a Christian, well that shouldn’t stop you from buying this planner because if you don’t need it then you don’t have to print it.  It’s a win-win.

So in a nutshell, yes this is a convenience item however, I think it’s well worth the price and you won’t be disappointed.


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