Heart Of Dakota, homeschool review

I decided since I have already used Heart of Dakota‘s Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory and plan on using 2 of there other books this year I could write a review about them.  When I was starting to look for a program last year, I started to get an idea of what I wanted.  I wanted a unit study and had hopes of being able to put my 2 oldest together.  Well as time went on 2 things were proving to be difficult.  The first was finding a unit study that had lessons plans and the second was the fact that my children were just not close enough to combine for the same stuff.  I had my choices narrowed down to two choices:  My Father’s World and The Weaver.  Strange I know but then somehow (I think it was through looking in the Rainbow Resource Catalog) I found Heart of Dakota.  After looking it over, I knew it was the right choice for us. 

Here are the big things that drew me in.  One, it’s not based on grade, but by ages.  On their website they have a wonderful placement chart to help you decide which book to put your child in.  Two:  the lesson plans are all laid out for me.  This was so key.  I simply do not have enough discipline to work out my own lesson plans.  I could for a month and then I would be floundering about and getting off track or worse just skipping school which I can’t do.

 Another reason why I knew it was right for us was the living books.  I had done enough of my research to know that I didn’t want to be a “classroomat home” teacher and I didn’t want boring textbooks.  The last part that just closed the deal up for me was the flexibility in choice of things.  If you want to choose your own reading, writing, and arithmetic curriculum you can.  Heart of Dakota gives you wonderful activities to go along with their choices but you don’t have to use them.

So I’m sure you are asking, those are all great perks but there has to be some sort of drawbacks, after all no program is perfect.  Well, true, no program is perfect.  As with any choices, your family life and situation are going to affect how you feel about a program.  Heart of Dakota is weak on covering health but it’s designed as a history unit study so squeezing health in isn’t exactly easy.  I’m sure others could come up with more draw backs but as I said, this is such a good fit for our situation that I have a hard time seeing them.


2 thoughts on “Heart Of Dakota, homeschool review

  1. This is so helpful to me, because I’ve been looking at Heart of Dakota, and I was wondering if was as good as it looked. I, too, have 2 children homeschool age (6 and almost 4) and I wanted something they could do sort of together.

  2. I am looking at the first unit “Little Hands To Heaven.” I had bought the Horizons Preschool multi-media kit to use and it is rather intensive.I had hoped for something to use to ease her into that program,I discovered Heart on a review page for Weaver.I like the Bible base and the ease it seems to have.I think we will use this first then try the Horizons and if the Horizons does not work we will go to second book in series,I feel that Horizons is a more aggressive approach and not sure how it will work.But I want to ease her into school and it be fun for her, You will LOL at me-because this child is less than a year old right now-but,I want to be prepared! I want her to learn to love the Word and it is saturated in Dakota!!!

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