Labor Day Monday

Well I know it’s Monday which should mean a homeschool related post but I just don’t have it ready today so instead let’s talk about the holiday.  Labor Day.  Labor can bring to mind lots of things:  a woman going into labor in order to have her baby, or labor as in work whether it be paid work or unpaid. has 17 different meanings for the word.  As far as the holiday goes though, it’s just another day for me.  I still have my laundry and dishes to do.  I still have my children to care for.  Of course no mail will go and the banks won’t be open and we will take the day off school but that’s it.  I could just as easily be a Sunday.  What about you.  What do you think about labor day?


One thought on “Labor Day Monday

  1. I think it’s a good day to do some extra loads of laundry and dishes…It’s also a great day to try making that wonderful Double Decker Fudge you posted! Give me any excuse:)…Yummy!

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