Homeschooling Monday-RandomHouse Classroom Club

Well, maybe this isn’t what you are expecting but I love this site.  You see my oldest is very into The Magic Tree house books so I figure why not dig a little deeper into what he likes to read.  They have great worksheets to print out, fun activities to help further the learning from the book, and even online games-which then doesn’t make the rest seem quite so much like “school work”.  And hey, if your child doesn’t like Magic Tree House maybe they like Nate the Great or Junie B. or Andrew Lost there is a classroom club for them too.  They have teacher’s guides, educational planners and you can even the the newsletter emailed to you which will give you great updates.  This is just a great resource for taking what your child might already love to read and giving you a great spring board on what to with it next.


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