Question not to ask your homeschooled child

Okay, I find this funny and hopefully some of you will also.  As we were doing school this morning I’m watching my son write.  Now I’m a lefty and he’s a righty so there’s always been a handicap in teaching handwriting so to say.  Anyways the way he holds his pencil almost lead me to ask out loud (and thankfully I didn’t) “Who taught you to write?”  Now obvisously the answer to this question is duh, Me!  I guess that’s just one question the homeschooling mother can’t ask, “Who taught you how to…..?”


One thought on “Question not to ask your homeschooled child

  1. Then of course, there are the Dad questions:
    What did you do today? (nothing)
    Did you learn anything interesting? (no)
    And from others outside the family:
    What grade are you in? (I don’t know.)
    Do you like homeschooling? (kid looks at Mom…and later asks, Why did she ask me that?)
    And, our 17yo son, when questioned why he was up until 2am reading. “Hey, YOU’RE the one who taught me how to read!” So sometimes it comes back to bite us. 🙂

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