Election Day

Well I hope you all get out and vote but I don’t want to talk so much about today’s election as I do about memories of past elections.

My grandfather was extremely active in politics  He was county commissioner for a few years and after that stay quite involved.  I can remember many an election night that he was at the court house watching things or helping.  It was also a subject you tried not to bring up as he would surely be on a soapbox about one topic or another and with a nickname like “windy”, well it could be awhile before the subject would change.  Still it was seeing all this that helped instill in me the value and importance of my vote.  Then I remember how he was honored for voting in 50 elections (not all presidential of course) but still, he knew how even the local government mattered and thus deserved his time to vote in it.

I hope to pass alone the importance of voting to my own children.  They call come with me when I vote and I have even started “talking” politics with my oldest.   I hope when the time comes for them to vote they will know how important it is.


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