Craft Show wrap up

Wow, things got busy as the week went on last week.  Trying to prep for the craft fair as well as keep working on things and well you know, school, housework and the such I just didn’t get back here to post anything after Tuesday.  The short of things is that I sold nothing on Saturday.  It was very discouraging but I ‘ve had a nice discussion with my husband and some wonderful encouragement from some fellow etsyhookers and am moving on.  While I’m contemplating about doing another one next month I don’t think it will be very feasible.  As promised here is the mock set up picture.  That’s pretty close to how things were at the show except I was able to hand up the stocking and the Autumn Welcome sign.



2 thoughts on “Craft Show wrap up

  1. So many lovely things:). Have you ever tried hanging them up at a show? Sometimes it helps to have things closer to a customer’s field of vision.

    I know I struggle with set-up. I’ll let you know when I find the winning display…LOL!

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