I was tagged

honestscraptagJamie over at Insane Ramblings of a Serial Mom tagged and now my job is to share 10 honest facts about myself and tag 7 other people.  I’m not sure if I know 7 other people but I”m willing to share 10 honest facts.

1.  I never thought I would be a stay at home mom of 5.  I always thought I was a career woman and while I loved kids, I wasn’t sure how many of my own I would have and I never thought it would be 5.

2.  I get discouraged easily.  It doesn’t take much for me to think I made the wrong decision and should have gone a different way.

3.  I can’t imagine not homeschooling my children.  Yes there are days when they drive me crazy and I want to send them out the door but then I think my days would be empty and I would be missing keys parts of their lives.  I love having them home.

4.  I have trouble keeping my house clean.  Cleaning is not my forte (unless I’m nesting) and thus it’s a constant battle to keep the house clean.

5.  I love to crochet.  And I love the fact that my children want to learn or want me to make the something.  They may not fully appreciate it at this time but still they want me to make them something.

6.  If I could have one thing it would be to be debt free with a fresh slate.  I know we made some stupid decisions in the past that have lead up to our debt and I would just love a fresh slate.

7.  I love to give and it becomes a problem at Christmas time when I want to give, give, give and don’t have the money to do so.  However, that does lead me to be creative on what I give and how to get the best deals.

8.  I crochet as a hobby but don’t consider myself crafty.  I need to see others work and go from that. 

9.  Bath nights are a dreaded time for me.  Something about having to bath 5 kids just makes me sigh and wish I didn’t have to.

10.  My favorite movie since I was little is Footloose.  More for the music than anything.


There you have it, 10 honest things about me.  Now for my tags.   I know I don’t have seven but if they are willing here’s who I tag:

1.  Beth at  The Fuller Family

2. Thea at Never cut bangs in the wind

3.  Meg at Life and Love in our home

4.  Melody at Mama’s Little Ditty


Okay that’s not 7 but life will go on.


One thought on “I was tagged

  1. those are good..i don’t like bath time either, it’s why jason usually does it..it’s nice once they get older and i can say “hey, you need to take a shower” and they do it all themselves…i hate cleaning too, it is the bane of my existence on most days…i see it as a task that just needs to constantly be done and it’s annoying and i could be doing SO many other things! having done the send them off to school thing, i can say i really like homeschooling much better…the freedom to schedule and do as i see fit, not having to deal with the staff of the school telling me what my child can and can’t do, all that stuff…

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