Trying to Hard?

As you might know, I have been trying to sell my items on etsy for a little over 6 months now.  It has gone slower than I had hoped and so this past week I started thinking maybe I was just trying to hard.  However, I was thinking in the wrong terms.  When first starting a business you have to try hard to promote and make yourself known and in that case I  probably wasn’t trying hard enough.  However, what I was doing was trying too hard to be something I wasn’t.  I was trying to follow the trends and make something that would go with them.  But I’m not a trendy person.  And alls this left me with was frustration.

I was trying hard to follow their suggestion about being carefully how you price your items because if you price it too low, people will think low quality.  Well let me tell you I have a bone to pick with that one.  If you ask how much your friend 1,000 miles away from you pays for milk you are likely to find they pay a much different price than you pay.  Does that mean someone’s milk is lower or higher in quality?  No, it’s a difference of cost of living.  So why then do my items look like low quality because I price them for what I would expect to sell them if I was to sell them locally?  I just think people need to be careful how they judge an item.

I just was trying so hard I was taking the joy out of my craft and what good does that do.  I also got so wrapped up in trying to crochet to sell items that I haven’t been taking the time to crochet for my loved ones and that lead to frustration too.  So I’m choosing to learn from my past.  To work towards finding a balance and knowing that like all things this will go through highs and lows.  I also have learned that I need to run my etsy shop and not let the trends around me run it.


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