Can it really be that time again

Call me crazy but this is always the time I start thinking about new curriculum.  Hard as it is to, I start now so I can have it narrowed down and close to finallized by April (yes it will take me that long) and then I still have time to make sure the money gets saved up.  In theory it should be easy, just continue with the next book in the Heart of Dakota program, which is most likely what I will do, but I still like to examine some other choices and just see and maybe there is something better for the oldest.  Peebles will just pick up with what Bam-Bam used last year so I will only need the consumables for her.  That will be the least of my worries I think.  Course there is the whole reading selection for her as reading isn’t her strong suit like it was Bam-Bam’s.  This year I also just sort let Bam-Bam read to enjoy reading (which backfired on me as he claims to not like most of the books he reads) so I may need a more defined reading program for him as well come fall.  I also try to think about what type of fun learning stuff we might be able to do during the summer.  So many choices, so limited funds, always a struggle to find the balance.


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