Yes, it’s lice.  Nasty little bugs that have driven me crazy for the last week.  Four of us have ended up with them and all four of us have gotten hair cuts in order to help the situation.  They have disrupted my rountine, my sleep, and just life period!  I haven’t been near Mt. Laundry this past week, I have been digging myself out from under the avalanche that fell from it. Having said all that I have a few other thoughts on lice.

  1. I will probably be parniod for the next month checking hair and making sure there are no more!
  2. I’m not convince that the lotion actually works on killing them.  I combed out several that were still alive after using it.
  3. Spend the money and get a metal fine tooth comb.  The plastic ones they include in aren’t worth anything.  To start with they the teeth are spread way to far apart and if you have thick hair as I do you are bound to break the teeth out of it.
  4.  Really consider a hair cut.  I miss my long hair terribly but I just didn’t have 2 hours to sit around while my dh combed through my hair (nor did he have the patience for 2 hours of combing my hair).  It may be hard to cut it but it will grow back and you’ll save money on the lice shampoo as you won’t have to use quite as much.

So there they are.  My thoughts (minus a lot of my frustrations) on lice.


2 thoughts on “Lice

  1. #1 – at least for a couple weeks, it’s not paranoid!

    #2 – we found it works if you leave it on for a LONG time. We left it on for at least half an hour.

    #3 & 4 – Totally agree.

    I hope I never have to deal with lice again! Evil critters!!!!

  2. I sooooo feel for you. And I totally do not agree with the notion that you have to touch the other person to get them. A long time ago when I was a teacher I got them from a student and I was working in a school where I would never touch a student; it was just a bad atmosphere and I would have been afraid I would have been accused of something had I touched a kid for any reason.

    Just the thought of them makes my head itch….

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