This is also, “The camera is never near when you want it”.


Yesterday was a beautiful day in our area and I had to take the kids out to enjoy it.  They got to play and I did some yard work, sorta.  I was actually cleaning up all of the leaves and stick that had gathered at the bottom of our outside steps that lead to the road.  Well what I found in that pile just amazed me.  Imagine if you will a blacktopped road and on top of it a good 3-4 inches of just leaves and sticks.  They had probably been there since last fall.  To my surprise and my children’s delight I found several big fat worms.  We choose to relocate them to a more beneficial home but I just couldn’t get over how many I was finding.  I easily saw 7 and who know how many I didn’t see.  Then of course after we relocated them I thought, how great a picture all of them would have made for on the blog to go along with such an entry.  I just couldn’t think fast enough especially with the excitement.  Oh well, hopefully I’ll start remember the camera more to help liven up this poor blog.


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