I’m not going to mention any names of stores in this but I do have a “raised eye-brow” concern about a stores pricing. I typically buy bread at 1 of 3 locations and keep a close eye on the price. I know exactly what price to expect to pay at each of them so I can budget according. Well this past weekend I went to the one to pick up a few things one of which was of course bread. I’m thankful it was the last thing I had to pick up otherwise I might have left without finishing my shopping.

As I walked up to the shelf I almost screamed out loud as the shelf price had gone up by 20 cents in about 2 week times. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask. I was quite ready to check out and get out of there. I had already done the mental math and knew what my total should be and so when it was correct I took my receipt and got out of there. However, I had been watching the scanner thing and it said something about saying “x” amount on the bread. I was like HUH?

I went to my vehicle got everyone and everything in and sat down to review my receipt. I had a bigger HUH???? when I saw that according to the receipt the bread was orginally priced at “y” amount and I saved “x” amount getting it for “z” amount. Now things being what they are I have never seen the bread I buy at the “y” amount, NEVER. Second the “z” amount is the same price I have been buying it for the last few months so how is that a “savings”. Third, (did you see what I just said), the shelf price I mentioned earlier wasn’t even part of the equation.

So I ask you what is this all about. How can it be a savings if the price hasn’t been that high? Are they warning me that the price is going to get that high? More importantly are they doing this with other items? I mean how can one budget when the shelf price isn’t correct, when the receipt says you should have paid this much but instead you “saved” this much. This seriously has me raising my eyebrows and is yet another reminder of how important it is to keep a running total when shopping so as to not pay more then you thought.


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