Living without paper towels

Well after reading other encouraging blog posts about living with out paper towels and being tight on money when the paper towels ran out the other week, I just let it slid. Surely, I could adjust to not having any in the house right? Wrong! I miss having paper towels around. They are so quick and handy and yes I know conveinent. That’s the appeal of them after all, isn’t it. Well maybe. Or maybe I have a lot of preconceived notions about things.

For example, last week I was all set to clean the bathroom but I’ve always used paper towels for such job and I found my self at a lost as to what would be a good subsitute. That’s how I grew up, paper towels for cleaning with the expection of dusting which we used an old piece of t-shirt. So for those of you that go without paper towels, how do you clean your sinks and mirrors? Then came the whole issue of not having paper towels to use as napkins and not having any cloth napkins either so I was quite unsure of what to use in that situation as well.

I’ve decided this is just one of those things that comes down to who you are and what you want in live. Just like cloth diapers vs. disposables. Or maybe real plates vs. paper plates. Things like this depend on who you are and what if any changes you want to make. As for me, I may not run out today to get more paper towels, but I will definately have them on the grocery list for the next time I do go out.


3 thoughts on “Living without paper towels

  1. Yep – doesn’t work if you don’t have the cloth to replace it. I’ve been trying to cut down on the paper towels, but not the napkins. We don’t have any cloth ones. Maybe I should look at the thrift store for some cheap ones?

  2. I don’t use many paper towels. For general cleaning I use a cotton cloth or a hand-i-wipe that I can rinse and re-use. When I get ready to wash my hand towels I take the opportunity to clean mirrors and windows with it before I toss it in the wash. Hopefully these suggestions will give you ideas.

  3. Before you go back to paper towels, try a ShamWow. This way you can still save some trees and some money. You can use them for everything you would use a normal paper towel for plus about a thousand other things. You can even use it for dusting and not have to waste time tearing up old t-shirts. I found the ShamWow works really well for any wiping, cleaning, or spill cleanup.

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