My new job

Well I am now 7 weeks into my first job in 4 years (well outside the home with a paycheck job). I must say I really enjoy my job as an activities assistant at the retirement village. It’s not the first time I’ve worked in this type of setting. When I started back to work I had expected the technology changes but boy have some other things changed as well.

Let’s say with the name of such places. 12 years ago when I got a job in the dietary department of this same facility it was called a nursing home. They had cottages, apartments, assisted living, and skilled care. You basically went from one to another knowing you would eventually die there. Not so anymore. They have now added rehab and short term care which has changed everything. People now come in for short stays because they need more recovery after a hospital stay or because the need the theraphy and the goal is to simply help them back on their feet again. I don’t see why the name changed because of those reasons but I think it was changed because they have greatly changed the quality of life at the retirement village.

So let me explain how the quality of life has changed. 10 years ago I worked as a nurse’s aid and after supper, you simply put the residents to bed. That was that, there was no activity after supper. Now that’s why I have a job. Many want something to do after supper, so we provide that. We have a wide range of activities from nostaligic trivia to dvd games to a regular once a week fitness club. And don’t think fitness club is all boring exercises. The residents love to play balloon volleyball and kickball and do target practice. No, these aren’t done the way you are probably thinking, but they enjoy it and it gets them moving (and me too for that matter). A lot has been done to try to make things more home like and enjoyable. People will bring in pets, some residents have computers and cell phones and I think almost all of them have a tv. It’s nice to know that if ever I need to go to one of these places somedays, I won’t lose some of my things from home.

In ending I want to say how much this job is a great fit for me and in my humble opinion I think it’s the best one to have there. Dietary is fine if you like to cook and don’t need a lot of intereaction from the residents. Nurses and nurse aides are very special people that to a wonderful and demanding job. My hat goes off to them but I was not cut out for that job. In my position, I get interaction with the residents, can spend time with them that some of them wouldn’t otherwise get, and get to do a lot of fun things. Yes, there are days when I would still rather stay home and I know there will be bad days at work but I don’t think I could have been blessed with a better job. It also leads me to thinking about many things I hope to blog about over time. Until then, have a good one!


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