A perk of the new job

Near the end of each month my boss gives us a great collection of things celebrate for the next month.  I’m not talking the big holidays that we all know, I’m talking about all the little things that once and while you might hear one on the radio or somewhere.  I love having these sheets and am trying to use them for different things in my job but also thought they would be great for some blog posts.  For example on today there are 4 different things listed for today: Upsy-Daisy Day (you are to wake up gratefully and happy even though it’s a Monday), An All Wright Day (in honor of Frank Lloyd Wright being born today),  Clean Sweep Day (2 great cleaning inventions took place today) and Kill a Stain Day (as part of Fabric Care month).  Pretty interesting things and there are different things for each day of the month.

So today I’d like to focus on An All Wright Day.  My big reason for choosing this one is because I have been to FallingWater and find it amazing.

Frank Lloyd Wright was born on this date in 1867 in Wisconsin.  From 1885-1959 he had close to 500 of his designs built and more that remained unbuilt after his death.  His life was not an easy one.  He has left his mark all over the world, not just with his buildings but the ideas that have come from them.  I highly recommend you take some time and see what this man has done.  A great place to start is at All-Wright Site and to look at his buildings go to Great Buildings.

While I would have loved to posted my own pictures that I took of FallingWater I was unable to find them.  However, I wanted to leave you with a taste of one of his work so here is a picture of FallingWater (from the great buildings site) that is located in Bear Run, PA.

FallingWater, Bear Run, PA

FallingWater, Bear Run, PA


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