Splurge Day

That’s right, today is splurge day!  Now when I first saw this day, I thought, yep I need a day like this, a day when I can just splurge and have no guilt.  Then I realized that a lot of people splurge all the time and they don’t need a “day” for it.  So here is my proposal, if you are a person that tends to splurge regularly, find someone you know that doesn’t and offer them $10 so they can go enjoy the day.  Maybe even go with them and just enjoy being together.  If you are a person that all to quickly will buy things for other people, for today don’t!  Take $10 and buy something for YOU!  I don’t care what it is, a candy bar or two that you don’t share, maybe your favorite lunch or a new book, just make sure it’s for you.  Now I’ve said $10 and I want to explain that.  Just because it’s splurge day I don’t think anyone should go and spend money they don’t have or bust their budget.  I thought about $5 but you can barely get yourself lunch for that much so I bumped it up to $10.  Now for those of you like me who are saying I’d love to but this week is just not the week for such a thing, plan a day!  Right now, take out the calendar and mark it with a day that you are going to go and splurge. 

Now everyone whether you are splurging or not go and have a great day, after all you are alive!


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