Monday, Monday, Monday

Well I’m having a hard time picking today is segment.  You see today is a lot of cool things so I thought I’d list them all.  So Monday July 6th is: Blue Monday in celebration of Blueberry month, Name that Tune premiere on this day in 1953, Drumstick Day- it’s Friend Chicken Day and Drums and Percussion month, and last but not least Run with the Bulls Day.  I think there are a lot of neat ideas that could come from today.

Blue Monday:  I’m sure you could find loads of recipes for things to make for blueberries.  Here’s a great place to start looking for some:

Name that tune: Play the game with your family. 

Drumstick Day:  You could serve fried chicken or make some percussion instruments.

Run with the Bulls:   Watch it on tv or make up your own version (I don’t recommend actually running with bulls.)

Well there you go.  You now know some great things to celebrate today.  And don’t forget to enter my giveaway


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