Someday I’ll…

Today is Someday I’ll…. day.  A day to do at least one of the things you’ve been promising your self that you’ll do.  So what’s on that list?  What kind of items to do you keep putting off.  I’m not talking home repairs or exotic vacations (although if thoses are in your budget you might want to plan it already) I’m talking that little stuff that you want to do but put off becasue of this, that and the next thing.  Pick something and try to do it in the next week.  Let me what you do!

Also on this day in 1796 the first passport was issued and the activity that is suggested is to take a picture of yourself and make a booklet about you.  I thought this could be a very cool summer activity for kids.  Not just today but all summer long.  Maybe you could take a picture of them everyday and once a week or something have them record what they did that week that they liked or their favorite meal that week.  I bet it would make a great keepsake.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I show you what’s fresh off the hook this week!


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