Ornaments and kitchen Items, fresh off the hook

Well for this week’s fresh off the hook I have some Christmas ornaments and 2 kitchen items.

First up the ornaments:

Blue Mitten Ornaments

Blue Mitten Ornaments

These blue mitten ornaments would be great for baby’s first Christmas or a gift topper.  I found the pattern here and used up some of the yarn from my yarn ball bucket.

Ice Skates Ornament

Ice Skates Ornament

These great little ice skates would again make a nice ornament or gift topper for the skater in your life.    I found the pattern on Suzies Stuff and again used yarn from my yarn bucket.  Two things I would like to note on these.  One my grandmother had asked me to make these for her last year and I kinda forgot so I’m hoping to make her a few sets this year.  Second, I have looked in my local stores and am having a hard time finding silver jumbo paper clips.  This is kinda discouraging but if need be I can find gold colored ones.

Star Ornaments

Star Ornaments

These star ornaments are done in crochet thread and then stiffened.  I got the pattern from Our Best Christmas Thread Crochet.

Next up is the kitchen items.

Bag Lady

Bag Lady

The first item is a bag lady meant to hold your plastic bags.  As you can see she is holding a bag as well.  I made her using Red Heart Super Saver yarn and an elastic pony tail holder.  You can find the pattern here.

Dish Soap Dress

Dish Soap Dress

Here is a pretty dish soap dress made with 100% cotton.  The pattern comes from Crochet World August 2009.

I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of fresh off the hook.  I’m hopefully that you will soon see these items for sale in my etsy shop.


3 thoughts on “Ornaments and kitchen Items, fresh off the hook

  1. Very nice work! The little mittens and ice scates are adorable and the bag lady is an item that I could use.

    Hope to see you tonight during the Hooker’s Christmas in July sale…

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