Coke Classic Day

What a day to celebrate , that is if you are a Coke fan.  In 1985 after consumer complaints, the Coca-Cola Company announced that the regular Coke was coming back to share shelf space with the New Coke.  It was renamed Coca-Cola Classic.  Now there are plenty of Coke variations on the market.  Go and enjoy some sort of Coke today.


One thought on “Coke Classic Day

  1. When I was a 13 year old I insisted on drinking coke because I thought that was way cooler than saying “I’ll have an orange crush (or a Pepsi, or a rootbeer) please”

    I remember all the hoopla with the new formula and I also remember liking the new flavour, I think because it was more like Pepsi. Once I made that realization I switched to Pepsi. Which means more Coke for everyone else 🙂

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