Sometimes I don’t know which way I’m spinning

I don’t share a lot of personal info on here because let’s face it, the internet is a very public place.  However, I need to write somethings out and while they may not make sense because of the lack of details, I’m hoping it helps me sort things.  I guess you could say I’m being selfish today and this isn’t for anyone that might be reading my blog it’s just for me.

There are been some things that I’ve wanted to happen for awhile but I knew my dh wasn’t ready for those changes to take place.  However, in the last week or so some things have been changing and while they are good things it’s still making my head spin.  We have really been forced to step back and see what changes we have had to make.  We are trying hard to think long term, not just the short term that has been the major influencer on our decisions in the past. 

Last week, we did a very difficult thing for us and I believe it was a step of faith that may be opening doors this week.  Well, it’s sort opening doors.  It’s like we did this thing last week because we knew we had to (we have discussed doing this since last fall but it was to the point where there was no choice, it had to be done).  Now this week our thoughts are running the same course and we are taking action and actually seeing possibliites coming from the action.  In the past we have had the same thoughts, and acted but then it all seemed to fizzle out.  And it might still all fizzle out but for now things are encouraging.

So why is my head spinning?  Well there are still many things left unknown.  Plus, my head seems to get caught up in many different areas and then there is a mental mess.  I’m trying hard to get it all sorted so it’s not spinning but that takes time.

Well thanks for letting me ramble.


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