Fresh off the Hook 7/24/09

Geez, only one more week left in July, can you believe it.  I was talking with my dh yesterday and told him it was kinda sad that I knew what was on all of our Saturdays for the next 2 months.  Course part of that is due to working every other weekend.  Aww yes, what can one say.  This morning I woke up thinking of all the wonderful things that realistically could happen, now to see if any of them do.

Now to fresh off the hook, well actually 2 weeks worth.  I have been working on things and yet it doesn’t seem like that much.  Course it doesn’t help that I forgot to take some pictures before giving things away.

First up, more mitten ornaments.  This set I sent to a friend that is having twins in the next week or two

multi-colored mittens

Next up is 2 baby hats.  I made the first one and decided not to use it for the person I had in mind.  It was very easy to work with and I plan on making more.  I found the pattern for it at Crochet Me

ear flap hat

(Please note, this is not the doll I normally use for modeling baby hats so it looks rather big)

This hat was quickly and easily made and will be for a baby shower gift on Sunday.  I found the pattern on a blog that I believe they call Imagine

baby hat

Next up is also part of the baby shower gift, a baby football.  I got this pattern out of one of my books called Crochet for a Quiet Evening.

baby football

Next up is a quick and oh so easy project.  I plan on making a few of these for Christmas gifts.  It’s a key chain chapstick/lip balm holder.  You can find the pattern here.

chapstick holder

And last up, something I have been working of for awhile but it’s a pretty big project.  Now I was impatient for it to be done and thus I only single crocheted the pieces together.  I regret that and wish I would have whip stitch or mattress stitched them together.  Still it looks pretty good and I hope our babysitter will be happy with it.  The pattern is from Crochet World August 2009.

emily's blanket

So there you have it.  The things I’ve been working on.  I hope you have been inspired to get out there and create something.


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