End of July already?????

Oy! How did it get to be the end of July?  Is anyone else shocked and wondering where the time has gone?  I certainly am.  Sometimes it just feels like time is flying and I can’t remember how I have spent it.  It makes you sit back and take stock of things.  Are you living for the moment or are you seeing the long term.  I’ve been trying to look more at the long term.  Years from now, the everyday will still be the everyday.  I don’t think there will be a time when I don’t have laundry and dishes to do.  However, the lessons (both life and “textbook”) that I teach today will shape my child into what they will become in the future.  I’m trying hard to realize what will be remember years from now and what’s less important. 

Earlier this week I had how beautiful a funeral was.  The woman had touched the lives of many people and they many of them shared how she had.  At one point they said the verse about how her children will rise up and call her blessed and all of her children stood up.  That’s what I’m aiming for.  Long after we are done telling them to pick up their toys and make their beds, I want tp have taught them and raised them in such a way that they will rise up and call me blessed. 

I hope that while you may not know “where July went” you will be able to say you are making a difference and some day see the harvest of what you are sowing right now.


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