Fresh off the hook 7/31/09

Well this week’s post is full of gifts and other good stuff. 

First up is something I fogot to get photographed for last week.  These hair ties will be a part of my neices gift.

christmas hair ties

As another part of their gift they will each get a chapstick holder with keychain.

chapstick holder collection

My sister-in-law has a birthday today and for part of her gift I made her this apple scrubbie.

Front of Apple Scrubbie

Front of Apple Scrubbie


Back of apple scrubbie

Back of apple scrubbie

Now let’s see.  I guess next I will show you the boa I made for a giveaway.  The giveaway will be on a fellow SheTeam member’s blog the 3rd week of August.  I will share more details when I have them.

mint chocolate boa 3

I also made a bath puff.

candy cane bath puff

And two baby hats (well 1 newborn and 1 preemie).

Newborn hat

Newborn hat


Preemie hat

Preemie hat

And last but not least.  School Spirit Scruncies.  I made these for the SheTeam August Challenge.  They will be a custom order (so that you get your school or team’s colors) and will be available in my shop on Monday.

school spirit 2

I hope you enjoy seeing my creations and will come around again to see what I have been working on.


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