This week

Well I’m going to try something a little different this week.  Instead of hit and miss on today is I thought I would give a overview of the week.

August 3rd:  Set Sail Day-  It was on this day in 1492 that Christopher Columbus set sail for the new world

August 4th:  Poppin’ Fresh Day- In 1970 Pillsbury registered as trademark “Poppin’ Fresh”.

August 5th:  Watermelon Wednesday- Mark Twain said, “When one has tasted it, he knows what the angels eat.”  Enjoy some watermelon today!

August 6th:  Pamper yourself day-  Get pampered today and if you can’t keep in mind that spa day is August 11th and National Rexalation day is August 15th.

August 7th:  Seeing Double Day-  On this day in Twinsburg, OH will be the largest gathering of twins.

August 8th:  National Garage Sale Day-  This is annually held the second Saturday of August each year.

There you have it,  a look a some things worth celebrating for the coming week. 

August 8th:


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