What to focus on?

Well the way things are looking I will be going to a craft show the end of September.  I’m kinda excited about it but it does leave me wondering.  What should I focus on making and trying to sell?  I did an inventory of all the lovely items I have made.  Many of which are not listed in my store.  With out doing the complete break down I’ll give you an idea of what I have:

  • bath puffs
  • hats
  • ornaments
  • dish soap dress
  • dragon
  • slippers
  • bear blankie
  • bag holder
  • scarf
  • Christmas Stocking
  • purse
  • muffler
  • wrist warmer
  • crosses
  • pot holder set
  • pot holder set with coasters
  • door sign
  • dog bandana
  • dish clothes
  • flower scrubbies
  • pot scrubbers

I know that’s quite a list and could just take all of it.  However, I’d really like to “stand out” and have different things from what others may have.  But I don’t know what will be different.  Other items I’m thinking of selling include:  covered hair ties, chapstick holders, children’s purses and fabric covered notebooks.  Then to top it off, they accept donations that will be auctioned off and I’d like to doing something for that to just to help get my name out.  So I ask, any ideas or suggestions on what might sell well or that I should focus on.


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