Charting a new course

Well, I made a hard but reasonable decision about homeschooling this year.  After using Heart of Dakota for two years, it was time to change curriculum.  Don’t get me wrong, Heart of Dakota is great but our situation has changed and I know that it would no longer be a good fit for our family.  As I made up my mind not to use it, I also felt this overwhelming sensation of the whole “finding cirriculum” process again.  One can get forget how many choices are out there and how overwhelming it all can be.  This time though, I had an advantage of having homeschooled for the last 2 years and knew what I wanted.  The big key things I wanted:  I wanted to be able to use the same program for the oldest 2 children and I needed it to be basically planned out for me.  So I knew I was looking at a unit study and the question became which one.  In the end, it came down to 3.  The Weaver, Christian Cottage Unit Studies, and My Father’s World.  From here though, it became difficult.  They each seemed to have their own strenghts and weaknesses and I was running out of time to decide.  However, my decision came down to 2 things, 1.  how easily I could see samples of what we were going to be doing, and 2.  I really liked the geography year that My Father’s World offers. So that was who I went with.  I think if I had been able to see plans and samples for the other 2, maybe there would have been a different outcome.  However, MFW gave me the samples of their plans right on their website and like I said, I was very drawn to that geography year and am thrilled that’s what we are starting with.  The kids and I are both looking forward to starting the new curriculum, Exploring Countries and Cultures this year


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