Thinking of a new “product”

Well for quite some time now, I have had thoughts of doing gift baskets.  I often look at the gift basket making books at my local craft store and just haven’t made a decision about them yet.  Well on a recent search on etsy I found an ebook for $1 on dong gift baskets.  For that price I couldn’t pass it up.  So I bought it and upon receiving it in my email began looking through all the pages.  Well it is loaded with information and ideas.  I mean honestly I don’t know if I could have come up with all these things on my own.  Not only are there gift basket ideas but also ideas for survival kits and balloon gifts.  This has lead me in a different direction.  While I still like the gift basket idea the survival kits are appealing to me more.  While I could crochet the basket for the gift baskets, I like the idea of making the “container” for the survival kits and filling them with the different goodies.  I’m hoping to have some put together until the end of October and we’ll see how they go.  Look for them soon!

And for anyone interested I got the ebook from infooncd.  She has quite a few ebooks and I would highly recommend her shop!


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