I took the Christy’s Craft Challenge!

And let me tell you it was a challenge!  So let’s start at the beginning.  At the end of September I was on twitter and reading down through.  I came across a tweet about get a free craft challenge kit.  I started dming with the person and said sure I’d give it a go.  After that I kinda forgot about it until it arrived in my mail box.  When I opened the package, here’s what I saw:

craft challenge 1

I quickly read through the instructions, glanced at the bag and then set it aside.  It wasn’t the day to open and create.  When I did get a  chance to open it, I thought my goodness, I’m out of my league.

craft challenge 2

Pink netting, I needed to do something with pink netting, oh boy.  I’ve worked with netting and it certainly is not the easiest thing to work with.  So thinking I’m a pro in my hobby I thought, well I’ll cut it into strips and crochet with it.  Ha! Ha!   Maybe others can, but I couldn’t.  It was time to rethink things.

Thankfully I hadn’t cut all of it into strips and thus I came up with the idea for a drawstring bag.  That worked up rather easily and then I was left with my next challenge, the sequins.

craft challenge 4

I’ve never worked with sequins in my life!  I wasn’t even completely sure why there was tape at both ends of the strip but I’m pretty sure it has to do with them coming undo.  This is where my hobby comes into play.  I threaded those sequins on some thread and then crocheted with them to make the draw string for the bag.  It worked great.  However, this still left me with one ribbon unused and I need to use a least some of each item in the bag.  Since this month the challenge was Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness I thought what would be better than adding a pink support ribbon.  I cut my ribbon and began to sew it on.  That lasted for about 4 stitches before I finally decided that it just wasn’t worth it.  I decided to glue it into shape and then glue it on a pin back.  This was great because now you can either leave them on the bag or take them off and wear them (yes there are 2, one on each side).  So there you have.  Here’s the finished product.

 craft challenge-finished

I hope that come next week I will get some votes when the voting opens.  Voting will take place from Oct. 29-30 at ChristyNelson.net


5 thoughts on “I took the Christy’s Craft Challenge!

  1. So clever! Do you mind if I post this on my blog before the voting? I’m going to use it as a reminder to everyone else to get their stuff done!

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