Fresh off the Hook 11-6-09

Well, the first week of November is about over.  At this point I’m mainly working on Christmas gifts, or at least I was until I got a phone call.  The tea room where I have some things on consignment has a few busy weeks coming up and she wanted to be well stocked.  So that’s what I got busy on so that I could have it up to her before baby 6 decides to come.

First up, 3 cell phone holders.

cell phone holders

Next is more chapstick holders. 

lady  bug chapstick holders

And lastly for the tea room lady was pony tail holders

lady bug pony tail holders

Two things not for the tea room were a multi-green bath puff

multigreen scrubbie

And a Christmas gift for my sister.

name plate 1

So there’s what I’ve been working on.  It definately wasn’t a slow week.


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