Fresh off the hook 12-4-09

Oh my, how is it the first week of December is over already?????  November was filled with having baby number 6 and Thanksgiving.  Hopefully now though I can get back to a rountine, haha.

Anyways, here are some things I have been working on.

First up is an Angel Tree topper for my dad for Christmas.  He wanted blue because he got a white artificial tree and thought blue would look nice.

Next up is a scarf I made. 

Slingshot has asked for some clothes for her Cinderella Fashion size doll so here is a purse.  It will have a matching dress and an off white shawl to go with it.

I also made some candy cane covers for selling at a local shop.

And last but not least, as promised a picture of the shawl I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas.  I hope she likes it.

Well that’s all for this week.  December will hopefully be full of the rest of the Christmas gifts I need to get made.


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