Holiday Traditions: Food

So this year I’m trying hard to make some traditions, problem is I really don’t know what I want to do.  I started by thinking about to my childhood Christmases and that has given me a few ideas but when it comes to meals, I draw a complete blank.  I know of the “Christmas Ham” but would like other ideas.  After all there are 3 meals a day and Christmas is a special day so I’d rather not spend it all in the kitchen.  I was starting to think of Cinnamon rolls and oranges for breakfast but am really unsure about the rest of the.   I have been given a great suggestion of using disposal dishes so that at least clean up is simple.  I’ve heard that some people go to a Chinese resturant for a meal.  I didn’t even know such places were open on Christmas.  So what are you having this year?  Are you cooking or just taking a dish someplace?  Maybe you don’t have to do any of the cooking because of where are you going.  Still I want to know, what are others eating on Christmas day.


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