Fresh off the Hook 12/11/09

Oh my, I’m crocheting away (well at least when the children are otherwise engaged) and just don’t feel like I”m getting anywhere.  Then, because I’m not thinking straight, yesterday I took a custom order.  Thankfully it’s a small one and can be in the mail tomorrow but still I need to get more sleep or something.  I don’t have much to share because of lot of what I’m working on isn’t done yet but I do have somethings.

First, 1 part of the custom order.  The order was for 4 sets of dishclothes and pot scrubbers.  I had 1 in the colors of her order.  Thankfully I at least had the yarn to start the second set of red and today will brave the cold to get the blue yarn to make the second 2 sets.

Next up is the rest of Cinderella’s outfit.  Remember last week I was able to share the purse?  Well here is the dress and wrap.

And a better picture of just the dress,


 I was hurrying to get those pictures taken because I did not want a certainly little girl to see it on the doll.

And last I was able to make 3 of these in the “open” but know that the last 2 will have to be done in secret or they will figure things out.  Here are some ball-n-cup games that 5 of the kids will be getting (I don’t think the baby will care that she doesn’t get one the year)

Well there are the items that got completed this week.  I did get some more work on the army tent done and have 3 fish parts started and another ball-n-cup game started.  Still feels like a lot to do in such a short time.  I think this week I will either be spending some time in my room or making the kids spend time in theirs so I can get more work done.


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