Holiday Traditions

This year I want to focus more on traditions and making memories than getting gifts.  After all in a few years they aren’t likely to remember the gifts but they will remember what we did.  However, I was a little stuck on what kind of things to do, so I started thinking back over my childhood memories.  Here’s what I remember.

I remember Christmas caroling with church.  We would visit the shut ins and then go back to the church and have refreshments which always included popcorn balls made by the pastor’s wife.  I remember having an Advent calendar to help me count down to Christmas.  And I remember going for a drive to take in all the lights and decorations of the season.   We also of course watched many Christmas specials.

My memories helped get me started with what I could do with my kids.  We’ve been doing a short Advent devotional each day, although I still get asked how many days until Christmas at least 2x a day.  We won’t be doing any caroling as many of the kids are too little to sing along but there’s always next year for that.  I’m hoping to do our “tour of lights” this weekend.  Also, 2 years ago I brought a great abridge verison of A Christmas Carol and have read it aloud every year and am once again doing that this year.  We haven’t seen many Christmas specials yet this year but I’m sure we will watch a few yet.

This left me wanting to build more memories.  One thing that we are going to be doing this week and next is making cookies.  While we do that all year long, I’m going to be reserving some “special” recipes just for holidays so that they in the future years they can bring special memories.  After talking to my husband about my thoughts we also have decided to do a “slumber party” on Christmas eve.  We are going to let the kids stay up until they drop and sleep downstairs by the tree.  Since I have been thinking about all this since Thanksgiving I was thrilled to see The Happy Housewife’s post listing more ideas (and frugal ones at that).  You can see her post here.  I’m also hoping to make popcorn balls for in their stockings but I haven’t figured out how to make them without them know.

Well I’d love to here your traditions and I hope you have enjoyed hearing what we are doing this year.


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