Fresh off the Hook- New Year’s Day edition

Yes folks, it’s the first day of the new year and thus the first edition of Fresh of the Hook for 2010!  Can you believe it?

I think it’s only fair to share the project that I couldn’t share last week.  My son’s army tent.  I got this pattern from Crochet World.  I’m not completely excited about it but he is and that’s what counts.

Next up is a Toddler hat/scarf combo.  This pattern also came from Crochet World and I’m really pleased with it.  It’s a great pattern that could work for a boy or girl depending on the colors.

And last for this week is a small heart wreath.  This pattern is from a older magazine called Annies Crochet Newletter.  I think it’s pretty cute and could make a nice home decor item.  It’s also listed for sale in my etsy shop.

Well that’s it.  I’ve been kinda stuck on what to make so that’s why there isn’t much to share this week.  Tune in next week and see what I might have done.


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