Fresh off the Hook- 1/8/10

Okay, kinda sad this week as I only have 1 item to share but I’m really excited about it.  See I first saw this project in October when my December Crochet World arrived.  It is a broomstick lace hat and scarf set.  I’ve seen broomstick lace before and just love it but had yet to try.  Well this gave me the perfect reason to try it.  However, I had the small delemia of finding a size 25 (50mm) knitting needle.  Then a SHETeam member (GotWood4you) showed off their knitting needles that they had made and I convo them to see if they could make the size that I needed.  This is what I got:

I really got excited when it came in the mail and wanted to start using it right away.  However, Christmas was coming and I had gifts to make and finish so I had to wait to play with my new “toy”.  The time has come though and this week I got to play with and it’s wonderful.  Well maybe a little longer than I would have preferred but that’s okay.  Here’s the hat:

I don’t think it turned out too bad.  I’m working on the matching scarf now and hopefully I can share that next week.  I’m really considering entering at least one of them in the Vanna’s Choice contest as it’s made with her yarn.  So that’s what I made this week.  I also started a little project just to kinda have that “high” of getting something completed and will definately have that to share next week 🙂


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