Pulling yourself up

Okay, I’m coming off a weekend where I just felt I couldn’t do anything right.  It started by leaving my shopping list at home which resulted in forgotting some items at the store.  Then I finsihed the scarf I mentioned on Friday only to discover a mistake (it was rather obvious) and it was much wider than I would have prefered.  I ended up ripping it all out.  Then I almost screwed up the cookies I made yesterday and while I thankfully caught myself, I was still upset at the waste of flour and things.  I’m also ripping out the hat I shared last week because it really is just too big.  Needless to say I felt like I couldn’t do anything right this weekend.  I’m trying to start this week off on the right foot but my frame of mind is really not in a good place.  I know I’ve got to pull my self out of this funk otherwise I’ll go on a downhill spiral.  Anyone else go through that, and if so what do you do to pull yourself up?  Well time to go back to ripping out that hat.


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