One of those moments

Okay so I have been a frequent visitor to $5 dinners for close to a year now.  I like seeing her recipes and ideas.  However, it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally said to myself, how much does each meal cost.  How did this come about?  Well we were at the store in the soup isle and the kids asked if they could have ravoli for lunch.  I looked at the cost for a large can and while I wasn’t sure how well 1 can would feed the kids, I said yes.  We got the can and that’s what they had for lunch.  It barely made enough and I was like “Uh, if I would have gotten 2 cans it would have been $4.50 for their lunch, is that high?  I was dumbstruck that while I can make a grocery list and figure out to within $5 of how much that list will cost, I can not tell you how much each meal cost.  Now I know there are 2 reasons for that but I”m also determined to start paying attention more to how much each meal costs.

Now as for the 2 reasons that make this a challenge.  1 is that we get WIC.  Since we get WIC that isn’t money that I’m spending but I can at least see how much each item cost and start to use that in figuring the cost of meals.  2nd reason is that we use Angel Food Ministries for the majority of our food supply.  Now this certainly aids our food budget but it doesn’t allow for me to accurately figure out the cost of meals. I could, I suppose, just divide the number of items in each box by $30 but somehow that doesn’t seem right.  So I’m kinda at a lost on how I’m going to do this but I know that I need to. 

So here is my challenge and my goal.  To start figuring out the cost of meals even if that means lingering in the store to write down costs of ingredients.  Hey if nothing else, I’ll make it a school project, should be great for home ec and math.


One thought on “One of those moments

  1. Please share your results! I’ve been trying to figure out which meals are cheaper. I think I’ve been fooling myself with some of them. I don’t think I can try to get to that this month. I hope to make it a goal next month.

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