Ham and Egg Breakfast Burritos

Okay, here is my first attempt at figuring out the cost of a meal so bear with me.  I don’t have a picture of the end result but here is what was used:


So we have eggs, cheese, onion, ham, oil, milk, and fajita size torillas.

Recipe looks like this:

  • 18 eggs
  • about 1 cup of milk
  • 3 cups cheese
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 1 ham slice, diced
  • 12 fajita size torillas
  • small amount of oil

Heat your skillet pan with some oil, add in onion and ham and cook until onion is soft.  Meanwhile in a mixing bowl, whisk your eggs and milk.  (Side note- since I had so many torillas to heat up I used the oven method as on the bag and would suggest preheating your oven when you start to heat up the skillet).  Remove ham and onion from pan.  Add a little more oil to pan, allow to heat.  Then add your eggs and milk and cook as you would scramble eggs.  When they are done add back in the ham and onion mixture to warm it back up.  To assemble, put egg mixture on torilla top with cheese and roll up. 

You really could customize these with anything like bacon or sausage or add in some garlic or mushrooms or peppers, what ever really floats your boat.  However, that was what I had on hand and everyone like it.

Now for the harder part, figuring up the cost.  Eggs, milk, onions, and fajitas came from WIC.  Ham came from angel food, and so that just leaves the oil and cheese.  However, I think I can give a fair estimate on the costs.

  • Eggs at 1.19 a dozen=1.79
  • onions at 1.98 for 3lbs=.16
  • cheese at 2.79 for 4 cups=2.09
  • ham slice=2.50
  • 1 gallon at 3.78=.23
  • fajita torillas (we used a 12 total)=4.13?  (this is one item I really don’t have a clue how much it costs)
  • oil at 1.79 for 2 quarts=.02

Total is $10.92 and that feed 7 people (remember we are a family of 8 but the baby is breastfeed).  Seems kinda high butwhen divided out per person that comes to 1.56 a person and that doesn’t seem to bad.

***Please Note!  These are the prices in my area, your area prices may be higher or lower.****

Oh and while I can’t do this every day, I am hoping to have more of this so that I can help get a handle on how much a meal cost for my family.


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