Personal Challenge update

Well it’s 2 weeks later and while I didn’t do to bad I have realized some items.

First:  I know why I dislike trying to figure out how much a meal cost: figuring out bulk items is time consuming and a pain!  Who wants to figure out how much 1 cup of flour costs or 1 tsp. of garlic powder?  I have decided I don’t.  There are other things on my to do list that are little more important.  That being said I can share some other things.

Second:  Meatless doesn’t fly in this house hold, at least not for supper.  Yes I know that is the easiest way to cut down ones grocery budget but when  you spouse won’t go for it than you may end up spending more trying to accomadate what they do.  This leads me to my third realization.

Third:  Meat that is incorporated goes further than meat indivivually served.  In case I’m not clear about what I mean let me explain.  This past week we had Waffles with Chicken Gravy.  Now if I would have made the chicken as a “here’s a piece for you” I would have needed a lot more chicken.  Instead I was able to use the meat from maybe 2 or 3 leg quarters and it feed everyone.  So in other words, meat will go further in stir fries, casseroles, and soup then say roasts.  Now some of you may have already know this but in case you didn’t now you do.

Now I’ve taken all of that into consideration when I made my menu for the next 2 weeks along with looking at the sales cirrulator.  Well see how we do over the next 2 weeks.  Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • turkey breast, mashed potatoes, veggie, and gravy x2
  • spaghetti
  • ramen with veggies
  • turkey corn soup
  • turkey pot pie
  • mac and cheese with little sausages x2
  • hot dogs and baked beans
  • chicken patties
  • salmon cakes, rice, and veggie
  • eggs and bacon
  • upside down pizza casserole

Maybe, just maybe I’ll have a picture and rough cost break down of at least 2 of these meals.


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